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Moves Fitness, what can I say! Absolutely wonderful and since going to the classes I've lost weight, gained more confidence but even better, I've gained loads of new like-minded friends. I'm definitely going back for more! Janet Deblock, Surrey

Wow. Great fun, great results and a great atmosphere. I was really nervous at first but as soon as I arrived at my first class I felt so welcome. Brilliant! Victoria Smith, Dorset

I found exercise so boooooring until a friend told me about Moves Fitness. It's so much fun that I find it hard to believe it's actually making my dreaded word 'exercise' mean 'exciting!' Well done Moves, you've made me a fitter happier lady! Nicola Long, Sussex

I thought you would like to know about last weekend. I went to Coventry to the Fitness Professional's Convention. It was great fun. I did Body Pump, Tai Ball and Boxercise. The classes were great and the instructors fabulous. But both my friend and I both came away saying that from the bottom of our hearts nothing could compare to the all-around workout and enjoyment of Moves Fitness. Well done for creating the best of the all! Jane Elbrow

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