Join Our Fitness Teacher Training Course

Welcome to Moves Fitness teacher training. Here you will learn how to become a confident, inspiring exercise instructor. Discover the secret of keeping fit, being purposeful and running your own business.

Moves Fitness will equip you with the necessary physical fitness, leadership skills and a recommended instruction program, so you can get start teaching as soon as you’re trained. You will learn quickly from the teaching methodology of Moves Fitness, which has evolved continually since 1981.

In addition to your professional training, you will also benefit from the knowledge, experience and infectious enthusiasm of dozens of other Moves Fitness instructors who are committed to your success.

Your success is our success...

All Moves Fitness trainers actually run their own businesses. They know what it takes to start from scratch, develop a business and maintain it successfully. Tap into a wealth of experience and benefit from a proven business model.

Teacher Training – What's Included

  • How to organise and set up classes
  • Marketing and sales strategies that get results
  • Artwork and design campaign
  • Website campaigning and e-marketing advice

You will also receive training in the following areas

  • Exercise science
  • Fitness prescription
  • First aid
  • Biomechanics
  • Core strength development
  • Flexibility
  • Strength training
  • Exercise physiology
  • Nutrition

A Unique Learning Experience

The Moves Fitness Exercise to Music Training System is a unique learning experience. From the outset you will be immersed in a setting that simulates the environment of teaching a class.

Our proven teaching techniques means that you will learn faster than you can imagine, and by the end of the first day you will feel confident and eager to lead the class. You will also become a confident communicator and be able to build a rapport quickly with your students.

On completion of your Moves Fitness training you will be ready to run your own business.

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