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Louise Woodruff

The first time I went to a Moves Fitness class I was 14 and it was as part of my Bronze DofE Award, from the start I loved it and 9 years later here I am attending 2 classes a week as a student and teaching 1 class myself!

I was quite a sporty child but as I got older things started to get in the way, especially when I started university in 2012. I gained weight and hated going to the gym or doing any type of exercise where someone might see me.

My Mum suggested I come back to Moves as she knew how much I loved it and before long I was having way too much fun to worry about what I looked like! After graduation I started regular Moves classes regularly and one of instructors, Sarah Nuttall, asked me if I'd considered becoming a teacher. Well, as soon as she said it I couldn't stop thinking about it, I loved Moves Fitness and I wanted people my age to realise why and hopefully make them fall in love with it too!

In February 2017 my training began. My Moves mentor, Cheryl Clements, helped me along the way. I passed in May and then started my class in September - and I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done!

Why not come along and try it for yourself?

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