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Sara-Jane Davidson

I moved down to London/Surrey from the Midlands to train as a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital. After a serious back injury I retrained as a PA and have had a varied career but predominately working in PR, the media (BBC TV and radio and Channel 4) and sales. I've worked as a Civil Servant for the last 10 years, got married in 2007 and had my daughter, Jessie, at the youthful age of 46!

I've been a Moves Fitness instructor since May 1997 and, as well as my two evening classes, I started a daytime Senior Moves class in October 2012.

I first discovered Moves Fitness when Kenny Loggin 'Footloose' was in the charts! It really was the era of 'going for the burn', legwarmers, off the shoulder T-shirts and big hair!! It's the only fitness programme I have ever stuck with and loved ever since! Luckily for all of us Moves Fitness has not stuck in that time warp, though, and is always evolving and, excuse the pun, moving with the times, music and latest fitness findings.

When I was approached to teach it took me a while (and a lot of encouragement from my mentor) to believe I could do it. But 15 years on it's still one of the best things I EVER did.

Now you know me - come to class and let me get to know you too!

My Latest News

Father Christmas has brought me two things for 2013! Firstly - everyone is back to class and raring to go - no more so than my Senior ladies (where are the chaps!) and secondly I got a temporary promotion at work from mid-January to mid-March!

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