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Helen Williams

I still remember the excitement and buzz of the first Moves Fitness class I attended in 1981. I'd found something really special; dance based exercise that was non-competitive, inclusive and fun! So much fun that I soon found myself fitter than I'd ever been, and training to become an instructor. Back then it was a new phenomenon. There were no aerobic-dance shoes, and leotards, leg-warmers and head-bands were the standard kit!

Being a Moves Fitness instructor provided me with an income, and I was able to teach classes while I brought up two children. I even taught Mini-Moves at their school!
Moves Fitness still has great music and fabulous choreography, and I continue to teach Moves Fitness and Senior Moves, varying the pace and intensity of the workout according to the class.

I have as much fun and satisfaction as when I first started, and love to see other people experience the sheer joy of a Moves Fitness class, non-competitive exercise to great music, with a sense of achievement and a feeling of positive good health.

Bring an exercise mat or thick towel and wear comfortable clothing and trainers. Tell the Registrar that you're new, and I'll have a quick chat before the class starts. Come and join us!

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