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Gabby Elliott (nee Southern)

I first found out about Moves Fitness when I was at Tolworth Girls' School, the school was next to Tolworth Recreation Centre where Cindy held her Monday and Thursday classes. I used to hate PE at school but I found Moves Fitness so enjoyable and inspiring and I wanted Cindy's wonderful figure! I did do a few classes while I was still at school but started attending regularly when I started my first job. I did the Monday classes first of all, then Thursday classes (2 sessions one after another) and then Helen Williams' Sunday morning classes.

About 18 years ago, Helen asked me if I had ever considered becoming a Moves Fitness teacher. I was extremely shy and never thought I would be able to stand up on stage and present the routines. However, two years later I decided to fulfil my dream and applied for Moves Fitness teacher training.

I have now been teaching 16 years and I love it. Cindy's choreography is great. Everyone makes friends in my classes and it feels like a club. I am so proud when I get good feedback from my students. Most of all Moves Fitness has given me confidence.

I believe that if you find a programme you really enjoy you will stick to it and you'll love Moves Fitness.

My Senior Moves Lite classes are such a pleasure to teach. I started teaching Senior Moves Lite classes in September 2011 and have made lots of wonderful friends.

My Latest News

I got married to Matthew Elliott on Saturday 4 May 2013!

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