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Claire Treliving

I first found Moves Fitness when I was about 10 years of age, my mum and I would cycle the 6 mile round trip to class! I thought I was pretty cool in my grey lycra tights and leotard!!

I found Moves again in my mid 20's when it just happened to be Cindy (founder and choreographer extraordinaire) teaching the class at Woking Leisure Centre. When I said in passing 'I've always fancied teaching aerobics', Cindy had me on the next workshop - probably the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done! Because I was still competing internationally as a flat water marathon canoeist it took me a little longer than most to qualify as a Moves Fitness instructor but I'm so glad I eventually managed it!

I have now been teaching since April 2006, I have one class in Molesey on a Thursday at 7.00pm. Following the birth of my second child in September 2012 and as my husband was working abroad I took some extra time away from teaching and found fantastic support from fellow teachers looking after my class and during my return in February 2014. I really missed the buzz you gain from leading a class, and that's what I love about Moves Fitness, it's an emotional work out as much as a fitness workout. You can come along whatever your level - I carried on right up to the birth of both my children, and not because I'm some gym crazy Bunny but because I love the people, the music and the fun! It's about an hour of 'you time' where you can forget the trials of everyday.

If you have never tried Moves Fitness, you're missing out. If you did it a long time ago you know how much fun it is so come back!

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